Chill Bro Seeks Chill Bro. PHOTO: CRAIGSLIST

The message in Poor Boyz Productions' new ski flick, We: A Collection Of Individuals, is that skiing is fun, but skiing with good friends is the s*#t.

So when I had an opportunity to watch the new PBP movie at Red Bull's Santa Monica offices last Friday, I knew I needed to embrace my inner Poor Boy and bring a buddy. A rad ski movie at Red Bull's North American headquarters? This was a ski bro rite of passage; no way I wasn't sharing the love.

But even though I have ski friends scattered across the country, none of them live in Southern California. Thinking of all the people that would push over an old lady and her grandson just to grab that ticket, and knowing that I couldn't let it go to waste, I did what anyone in my situation would have done: I posted an ad to Craigslist. It read like this:

Save for a few working ladies responding to men's "strictly platonic" ads on Thursday nights, my post left me friendless. I didn't think that finding someone willing to go to free action sports movies would be so tough. If nothing else, a stop at 7-Eleven should have sealed the deal in my mind. Alas, this time around, I guess my prose just wasn't enough.

The blow of defeat was eased a bit when I got there and realized there weren't many bros in attendance. The showing was geared more for those that had worked on the separate Red Bull Media House projects to get together and show off their hard work. In fact the ski stoke was relatively dormant, and I caught myself holding back woops and hollers during the show, worried I'd disturb the hushed audience. PBP producer Johnny DeCesare described the scene as, "one of the quieter" screenings he'd been to, a far cry from the production's Seattle debut a week previous. All in all, it may not have been the right venue for my ski movie bro-date.

It's a shame because PBP's 19th production was worth whooping about. Each segment was tailored around the We idea, with riders teaming up to ski the gnarly big-mountain lines and slide the occasional piece of public art. The short intros explaining how each piece fit into the grand scheme helped provide cohesiveness and gave the whole thing a cinematic feel.

Despite the team approach, the movie definitely had its individual standouts. Pep Fujas continued his general ski mastery, taking on burly Alaskan spines, and Leigh Powis set down a hard-hitting segment for the second year in a row, capped by the craziest (inverted) wallride I've ever seen. Karl Fostvedt may have been a Poor Boyz rookie, but his shots were anything but amateur. From big mountain, to urban, to an insane park setup, Crazy Karl took home MVP honors for this year's flick. And looks to be in contention for Breakthrough Performer at the 2013 Powder Awards.

We: A Collection Of Individuals takes a look at the skiing camaraderie that tends to get buried by individual aspirations and industry pressure, reminding us to get out there and ski with our buddies and enjoy it. Add to that some standout performances and tight cinematography and you've got a movie worth the response to an anonymous Craigslist ad. But hey, maybe that's just me.