Parker White Talks About Filming for L1P’s ‘After Dark’

'Basically shredding all year not having a job or anything is pretty sick' - PW

By Catie Collins

Last year, Parker White made a cameo appearance in Level 1 Productions’ film Eye Trip. This year, for After Dark, White traveled to places like Hokkaido, Japan, and Cooke City, Mont., with L1P, and he has a full-on segment in the film. Here, talks with White about his groundbreaking year and his adventures with the Level 1 crew. What have you been up to this summer?

P. White. Photo: Level 1

P. White. Photo: Level 1

PARKER WHITE: I was hanging out in California, and then flew back to Pennsylvania to visit my sister and niece who live in Pottstown, which was cool. Next I headed down to Vermont to see my dad and some of my friends. Soon I was off to Bar Harbor, Maine because my mom lives up there. I got to ride my motorcycle around. Flew out to Denver to look at my footage from this year and now I'm just hanging out. Tomorrow I'm headed back to Mammoth and then I head up to Mt. Hood.

How did you get involved with Level 1? I just kind of was hanging out with some of the people who shred with Level 1 and I got invited to one of the park shoots and everything went really well. Soon I was invited to shred with them whenever and they took footage of me. It just happened naturally.

How was shooting with them this winter different than last year? It really wasn't all that different--just shred with them and film.

Did you film with them more this year then you did last year? Yeah, last year I just did a lot of park whereas this year I filmed the whole season and barely took a break.

Since stomping your revolutionary triple, do you think your time has come to take over the ski world? [Laughter] No.

What was your favorite moment while shooting with Level 1 this season? I went up to Cooke City, Montana, for a while and that was sick. It's kind of a little dead-end street town in the middle of Yellowstone. We got to know all the locals real well and were in a nice spot. You could sled out of your backyard everyday. That was probably one of the coolest places I got to go I think. Basically shredding all year not having a job or anything is pretty sick.

Are you or Chris Logan the funniest guy in skiing? [Laughter] I think that with the exception of Michael Rogge being the funniest person in the ski industry in general that I would probably [drop] myself from that competition. I don't really think I was properly qualified before Chris.

How are your segments split in ‘After Dark’--backcountry, park, or urban? It's a little bit of everything, not really one more than the other. I would say overall it's well balanced.

Was it weird when you woke up and realized the Level 1 guys were filming you sleep for the trailer? [Laughter] Yeah, it was a little weird. There were so many people seeing me in bed but I dig it.

What was the worst experience you had while filming? Nothing all that bad stands out. Except I did hit [Kyle] Decker in the face with a snowball from super far away it was like a hole in one shot. He got really mad at me but I really cannot think of any specific bad time.

What’s the biggest differences between your segments in ‘After Dark’ and last year’s film, ‘Eye Trip’? Last year was more of a little cameo in the park shoots. This year it’s like a full-on segment, so basically a lot more skiing with backcountry and urban rather than just that park shoot.

What was the best line or trick you hit this year? I don't want to say one was better than the other. I was just skiing and it got filmed. I guess other people can really decide on that.

This year had an insane amount of snow everywhere. Where did you have the most fun? It's hard to say because different places were really fun for different reasons. Cooke was fun because you could sled out of the backyard. Japan was sick because the snow was so deep. Telluride was tight because I had never been on a heli trip before. I can't really put one thing over another. They were all very fun in different ways. All in all, it was a f**king sick season.

Have you been to many of the places you skied this season before? I went to a lot of places actually. Japan, Cooke City, Telluride, Albany, I kind of forget all the places. Japan was a really good time. Pretty wild, we got out right before that earthquake.