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Words: Mike Rogge

(phone dialing)

Parker White voicemail: Hi you've reached Parker… please leave me a message… mmm… Bye!


Parker White: Hey man

Powder: Hey, what's up dude? I've been watching that edit that Stept made from your morning shoot at Mammoth all week. How did this come about? Is this the event you were telling me about earlier in the year?

Parker: Yeah. Chris Logan and I have had an idea to do something in the spring with all the homies for a while now. Chris actually proposed that to Davey [Schmidt from Monster] when we were partying one night and he was like, "Yeah man. I'm fully with that." I got a little bit of money to put in to it. It didn't happen exactly how I wanted it to or as exactly as I planned to do it earlier in the season just because we didn't have enough snow. It kept getting pushed back. It ended up working really well but it was different.

Is it a session or is it a contest?

It's just a session. It was a tie for first for everyone that skied it. Everybody won.

What did they win?
Ugh, I don't know. We didn't have any prizes. (laughs) They just won. Everyone won. Congratulations, everyone, on the win.

Do you want it to be a contest?
I don't want it to be a contest in that someone gets first, second, or third. I like to have prizes for whatever. When we originally planned how this was going to go down, we had a prize for the Champ of Champtown, which is for anyone. It could've been someone who was running the barbecue, cooking everyone food, and just being the man and he'd get a big prize for that. I want it to be a barbecue and come shred vibe. No pressure.

Why did you choose to invite snowboarders to the event?

Umm, I didn't really choose to do snowboarders too. Lonnie [Kauk] is a friend of mine and a Mammoth local. He was obviously more than welcome to come. Shane Pospisil just showed up and we were like, "Yeah, you can come hit the jump." It wasn't a big decision like, "Oh, let's invite snowboarders" or whatever.

Is there anyone that really surprised you that day?

Nick Miles was definitely killing it, man. That big backflip at the end was really sick.

What do you want to do with this event?
I don't want to have more structure but I want to turn it into a way bigger session. This was our start up year with all of the closest homies. In the future, I want it to be a Superpark-style session. I think this was a good start up year and I only want it to grow from where it's at now.

Does it have a name?

We called it the Parker White Invitational almost as a joke or pun on the illegitimacy of it. It makes it sound really official like it's this big time event that was totally just a barbecue for the homies. The name is subject to change.

Switching gears, what do you have going on this summer?
I'm going to help paint my mom's house back east with my brother, which will be fun. I'll go see some old friends then go to Denver and kick it with the Level 1 guys to help work on my segment. After that, I'll go to Hood and maybe coach at Windells for a few sessions. Then I'm going to Chile for the Swatch Skier's Cup in September.

Whose team are you on? North America I assume.

I'm kind of confused about whose team I'm on but I think it's me, [Sean] Pettit, [Mark] Abma, and Kye [Peterson] against all the Euros. Everyone I talk to says you just go down and surf, hang out for ten days. Everyone is barely mentioning the whole skiing side of it but the trip just sounds super fun.

How do you feel you did following up your breakthrough performer year. Do you have a good sophomore segment?

I think I have a good segment. We'll see how it all comes together but I'm stoked on everything I got.

What was the best trip you went on while filming for the movie?
I think my trip up to Pemberton in late spring might've been the least productive but probably the most fun. I didn't really get any shots but I had an awesome time just romping my sled everyday.