WORDS BY: Camryn Reddick, age 9

‘Will You Believe In Me,’ written by Matt Sterbenz, founder of 4FRNT, is a story about a boy that started skiing when he was only 4 years old. He loved nothing more than to ski. The boy's name was Matt. As Matt grew older, he and his friends did something called freeskiing—spinning on slopes and flying up half pipes.

When Matt grew up he wanted his work to help people who loved to ski. So he decided to start a company to make skis in new ways. That company was going to be called 4FRNT. One day a skier came in named David. David was a talented skier and he loved flying up steep "U" shaped half pipes. David knew he could win a contest so he just needed the right skis. David wanted Matt to maybe make his skis and asked, "Will you believe in me?” Matt believed in David, so he made his skis.

The day came to test David's skis in the contest. However, when David started his first run, his ski broke in half! Even though the ski that Matt made broke, he still believed in David.

So they went back to the shop and made him another pair of skis, and they would make them even better! For the next contest, David went off to Aspen, Colorado, for the X Games. Instead, Matt watched David from a computer. David was in a booth and people were giving him "high fives."

With the skis that they had designed won the big contest! David kept winning big events. Matt started getting calls from people all over the world who were interested in his skis. Matt’s dream came true. People were enjoying the sport he loved.

Soon David was so good on his skis he got to join the Olympic USA team! As Matt was watching another one of David's contests, he whispered: "I believe in you, David." So dreams came true for both of them because David won an Olympic gold medal in skiing halfpipes.

I liked this book because Matt shows friendship and happiness with David, and David shows the same. It just makes me smile!

I am similar to Matt because I love to ski and help others. What I liked about Matt and David is that they never gave up even if they had to make more skis for David. Also, it is so nice of Matt to stop his time of "freeskiing" and help David.

I would recommend this book to all my friends that ski and even the ones that don’t, because I feel like they need to have the courage to do whatever they want when they grow up and to stay focused on their dreams. The lessons that I learned from this story are to never give up; anything is possible, and people can do amazing things if they work together and believe in one another.