When Matchstick Productions first announced that their newest upcoming film would feature an equal number of female and male athletes, it made some folks wonder if deep powder and big lines would be replaced with clichés about girl power. As those who were at the world premiere of All In at Snowbird on Saturday can attest, they couldn't have been more wrong. Perhaps the token female in a ski movie is a thing of the past?

With an opening segment scored by female-led hard rock band Dead Sara, MSP throws all doubt to the wind before you've even settled into your seat. All In isn't about female skiers that like to go big. Rather, it's about a group of people who all live, eat, and breathe skiing—some of them just happen to have blonde ponytails sticking out of their helmets when they do it (looking good, Johnny Collinson!).

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While All In might not be pushing the "exotic" envelope when it comes to filming locations, with a slew of classic spots like Revelstoke, BC, Snowbird, Utah, and Girdwood, Alaska, in the mix, MSP rings true the age-old adage that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Featuring a heavy dose of snowmobile-accessed big mountain lines, All In highlights the star-studded cast throwing down a lot of what Mark Abma affectionately calls "sleddin' and shreddin.'"

Segments set in the film also shows that you don't need to fly halfway across the world to have a good day of skiing. More often than not, rallying your best friends to explore the terrain right outside your back door is more than enough. That said, when the terrain right outside your back door is full of Alaskan spines (looking at you Angel and Elyse), it’s going to be a girls’ trip for the books. There’s also a scene were Angel Collinson takes it back home to Snowbird for an inbounds soul shred on the mountains that raised her set to a poem she wrote about skiing. I’m not admitting that it made me cry (there was dust in my eye), but some people might.

At its core, All In is not a female ski movie. It's a movie about skiers set to an excellent soundtrack. It shows them at their highest highs and lowest lows (raise your hand if you can relate to Tatum Monod’s comeback-from-injury storyline?). This is a ski movie about stripping away the excess, enjoying the simple things, and a reminder that any day of skiing is what you make it. In the words of Angel Collinson, "Skiing is a place to be yourself. It's a place to say 'This is me.'"

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