Open In O-town

In all the hype over the epic openings in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, something has been overlooked: Snowbasin. Just an hour to the north, the Basin opened for the season on Thanksgiving Day. This is nothing new. The historic resort known for rowdy inbounds terrain, hosting the 2002 Olympic speed events, and the nicest bathrooms in the industry (seriously, hold it till you get there), is used to being overshadowed by the Salt Lake and Park City resorts.

You wouldn't know that, though, if you were there on Thanksgiving Day. Fifteen hundred people showed up. Judging by the season pass line, most of them were local. And it didn't disappoint (unless you went to Earl's Lodge before noon hoping for a beer to go with the first half of the Patriots-Lions game). The Needles gondola and Middle Bowl triple kept people spread out on the upper mountain, while 10 inches of fresh on a three-foot base kept them entertained.
—Derek Taylor/words + photos