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Behind the Cover: September 2015

Paul Forward and Cam McCleod uncover gold in Japan

Timing is everything, and in the case of skiing in Japan, the time is January. The first month of 2015 in Myoko, Japan, saw more than 200 inches of snow. After skiing all day at the resort, skier Paul Forward and photographer Cam McLeod ended the day with a walk into the backcountry to explore higher terrain. As they climbed, the day’s fog lifted and the sun filtered through the colds, casing a golden light at the exact moment of Forward’s descent. “I knew we had captured something special as soon as he skied through the frame,” says McLeod. This is the first POWDER cover for both.

McCleod grew up near the shores of Lake Michigan, but now he calls the Wasatch home. Based in Ogden, Utah, he went to Japan for the first time last January. “This was my first trip to Japan, but it won’t be my last,” he says. --Julie Brown

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