Nipwitz’s Last Stand

Behind the brains of "Brain Massage"

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Nipwitz, a Finnish-based group of skiers, has dropped countless mind-blowing edits over the years. They highlight ski trickery that forces viewers to pause, rewind, and mouth, "What the f*ck?" on a regular basis. With the release of the trailer for their first film, “Brain Massage,” the group has said this will be their last project under the Nipwitz name. Director Aarni Toiviainen had this to say to POWDER about the upcoming project:

The fact is that we can’t do this forever. Real life hits sooner or
later, and the best way to end this project is by doing the best
possible film that we are able to. After Brain Massage we can take things
a little easier and finally just have fun with the buddies.

Brain Massage refers to getting your mind blown by some next level tricks.
Or getting intoxicated. We prefer the first one.

Next year, we'd like to film in post-Soviet states. We are building a super-fast winch so there will be good, new spots to hit here in Finland too.

I’ve tried to convince Logan Imlach to join us next winter for a trip.

We'll release the film online. But we are going to have a real premiere and a real
premiere party in Helsinki.

We wanted to do a two-year project because we’ll have more time to film and less stress. After doing webisodes for three years, this feels so right.