This is what a speed ski crash looks like
And you thought your yard sale straight-lining Widowmaker was bad? Check out Spanish speed skier Juanki Sanchez kick a shoe flying downhill at over 120 mph in Vars last weekend, and, uh, toughen up, buttercup. Read more about how the niche world of speed skiing is getting even faster here.

Legendary U.S. Ski Team coach passes away
Bob Beattie, beloved U.S. Ski Team coach and ABC Olympics announcer, passed away this week at the age of 85. Renowned for help in the U.S. men secure their first ever Olympic ski medals in the 1964 Games, Beattie influenced the course of American competitive skiing throughout his lifetime, including coaching the University of Colorado to its first NCAA Ski Championships and forming the World Pro Ski Tour, where he campaigned for fair payment for professional skiers. Read the full story about Beattie here.

Robotic ski legs aren't far away
A robotic ski exoskeleton could be hitting markets soon thanks to Roam Robotics, providing extra power and stability to knees according to its latest video preview.

Arguably stolen directly out of a science fiction flick, these robotic leg braces use sensors to adjust knee torque, acting as additional quadriceps muscles (quintracep?) and adding a little more tweak to grabs everywhere. No word yet if they will include a shifty feature with initial purchase or if this will be an add-on available via the Apple Store.

Markus Eider's FWT switch cliff drop is not normal
Italy's Markus Eider has been tearing up the silver screen with the Legs of Steel boys for years, but he has also quietly earned an Olympic berth in slopestyle and podiumed on the Freeride World Tour.

Last week at the FWT final at Verbier, Eider combined all three into a buttery cliff drop that just has no business in skiing's most extreme competition circuit. He might not have one the competition this year, but Eider is swinging in a league of his own.

Spring has sprung: Naked chug booter
So fratty it hurts, so ballsy it deserves a stark second of fame. Honorable mention: That flow, bro.

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