Week In Review: Vail Plans Park City Megamountain

Ski rage! New eye candy from Sherpas! IF3 time is the best time!

Yo Ice Coast, IF3 is this weekend!
East Coast ski crowds rejoice, the greatest movie festival of the fall is landing in your backyard this weekend, and it's wearing some serious party pants. IF3 hits Montreal with some of the hottest names in skiing with highlights including the 20th anniversary of Poor Boyz Productions, the debut of the all-female Pretty Faces flick, and Virtika's David Lesh finding another creative way to get arrested at an afterparty.

Sadly, this video didn't make it in for the eighth year in a row.

Vail connecting Canyons with Park City
In kind of the biggest non-news of the century, Vail barely waited for the dust to settle on its Park City acquisition before announcing its plans to connect Park City Mountain Resort with Canyons Resort by 2015/2016 season. What I'm waiting for is the unveiling of the innovative hut system where sherpas will carry skiers from one end of the megaresort to the other. Keep me updated, guys!

Adaptive backcountry skier releasing unreal documentary
If you haven't heard the name already, Vasu Sojitra is one bad mother-effer. After losing his right leg to a blood infection at nine months, Sojitra has gone on to become a ridiculously talented backcountry skier on the Vermont scene. This year he'll document his story in a cool new documentary called Out on a Limb. People are amazing, but Vasu is in a whole different realm of awesome.

University of Virginia Ski Teamer missing
In a kind of scary and bizarre case, a skier on the University of Virginia's alpine team went missing on campus this week, according to the Charlottesville Police. Hannah Graham, 18, was on her way home from a party Saturday night, but never made it according to friends. The search and investigation is ongoing, so send some positive vibes over to Virginia this weekend and let's hope for a safe return.

Competition News: Sammy Carlson wins X Games Real Ski and stuff
Sir Sampson crushed the field of X Games' new video contest with a 90-second piece of skiing perfection, earning his second straight gold medal in the event.

In other competition news, the ever-popular Laax Open will be back again in 2015 and the Freeride World Tour announced its riders and schedule this week with four stops in Europe and one in North America.

New Sherpas trailer doesn't suck...
The progressive fall launch of four extended webisodes by the masterminds that brought us Into the Mind and All.I.Can. is the type of news I like to hear on my Friday.

...But this guy kind of does
Cool your ‘tas, bro.