Squaw Valley Pass for a buck?! Nope, just kidding
Visitors to the Squaw Valley website were subject to a cruel joke on Tuesday, when an Internet glitch had resort season passes on sale for a single dollar. Squaw quickly corrected it's mistake, but not before several people had already cashed in on the deal, leading to some middle school dance-esque awkwardness at the ticket booth. Instead of the $1 pass, skiers and boarders that jumped on the deal were offered half-price passes, a good deal, but nothing compared to the former. I guess the ski pass dollar menu was just a little too good to be true.

Nipwitz releasing first movie as last project
The hardened Finnish crew that has brought us banger urban webisodes for the past five seasons is tossing in the towel this fall. But, Nipwitz is dropping the mic with its biggest project yet, the group's first full-length ski movie, Brain Massage, and a guaranteed kick in the pants.

Red Bull sued for 'giving wings'
Popular energy soda Red Bull found out that even a little hyperbole isn't safe in today's legal age, and found out to the tune of $13 million. The Austria-based company fell victim to a U.S. class-action lawsuit claiming that the energy drink manufacturer falsely advertised its beverages, specifically stating that the slogan, "Red Bull gives you wings," mislead consumers about the benefits drinking the beverage. Tough break for the winged bulls, guess it's time to stock up on Surge again. ENERGY!!

U.S. Ski Team adding freeskiing to summer jump facility
The aerials jump facility in Park City's Olympic Park are getting an upgrade for next summer thanks to the success of freeskiing in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. After 22 years of service, the old wooden water ramps will be replaced by new aerials jumps, smaller jumps for kids programs, and a state-of-the-art slopestyle jump for year-round jump training. The whole project will have a $3 million price tag and should be completed by June of next year.

Taking Burr Laps with Dylan Siggers
Dylan Siggers just got added to my Fav 5—this guy is a stud. Also, in honor of NHL season, he might be one of the best hockey skiers in the game.

Colorado resort suing over Salt Lake City "Ski City U.S.A." marketing
Just in time for this year's Powder.com Ski Town Throwdown, we've got a good ole fashioned ski squabble on our hands, as it looks like Steamboat Springs a.k.a. "Ski Town U.S.A." is none too happy with Salt Lake City's self-branding as, "Ski City U.S.A." Apparently the names are a little too close for comfort, and Steamboat has taken it upon themselves to sue the pants off SLC for infringement. First "Champagne Powder", now "Ski Town U.S.A.", if Steamboat keeps snatching up these trademarks, I'm liable for a lawsuit by Christmas. Yeeks.

Drop in to the Faces of Dav: Episode 1
Red Bull and Chris Davenport do the mini-series proud with a strong effort in Episode 1 of Faces of Dav. Take a gander.