A-Basin set to open Friday
I'm calling it: Arapahoe Basin is the first resort in North America to spin its lifts for skiers this season, effective TODAY! It's time to get this bad boy rolling—ski season is upon us!

So what does an avalanche dog actually do?
As if we didn't love these pups enough already, here's a video detailing exactly what avalanche dogs do in the case of a rescue. It's pretty damn interesting stuff, not quite what you'd expect, but further proof that these canines are truly man's best friend.

DPS jumps into the video game
Following in the footsteps of Salomon and its highly successful and slightly addicting Salomon Freeski TV, the powder spooners over at DPS have announced a four-part video series of their own entitled, DPS Cinematic. From the looks of it, we'll be getting some mini stories about Chile, Washington, Baldface, and Refugio Frey sure to be full of deep pow and wanderlust galore. Here's to trying to prevent myself from maxing out my credit card on plane tickets immediately after watching these. Thanks a lot, DPS.

North Korea readies for second ski resort
Just a few months after North Korea opened up their first ski slope, they're at it again, promising a second connected resort sometime in the near future. No immediate plans are in place, but NK News reports plans for a second slope that will eventually connect with the Masikryong Ski Resort opened this year—because who needs one empty ski slope, when you can have two?

Not so fast, says Texas
Not to be outdone by Kim Jong Un's camp, Texas has proposed its first ski resort as well this week, a 350,000-square-foot indoor facility complete with its own Hard Rock Café. Keeping things classy in the Dallas suburbs, the Grand Prairie site is scheduled to start construction in 2015 with an end date of 2018. Also in 2018, less blue jeans sightings on ski slopes everywhere.

Nordic skiing goes freestyle
Just a couple nordies, doing the damn thing. Respect on the spandex steeze. Respect.

Lady Gabber added to Newschoolers.com
Everybody's favorite ski video site decided it was due time to give the growing contingent of lady rippers a voice of their own this week, starting a ladies-only forum for the first time in their history. The forum is still guy accessible, but you'll need to be a registered lady to make any comments, giving the floor to the females. This one's for the girls.

At least 27 dead, many missing in Himalayan avalanches
Another humbling week in the mountains as at least 27 are dead and over 70 missing in multiple avalanches along the popular Annapurna Circuit in Nepal this week. A freak snowstorm with an abundance of wet accumulation was considered the main factor in the slides. We're sending our positive vibes your way Nepal. Hang in there.