Week In Review: Europe Gets Hammered

Smith Optics on the move! Snookie ski movie?! Soccer bad, skiing good!

DPS gets trippy below the equatorial belt
Powder. It’s what’s for dinner.

So Snookie is getting a ski show? I quit
It's official—I've lost faith in humanity. Self-tan savant and the bane of my existence, Snookie, is in the market for a skiing reality show called "Turn Up the Heat." The former Jersey Shore star (is that the right word?) is currently casting to film a slopeside reality show pilot at a currently unnamed East Coast resort. Not sure how much actual skiing is going to be involved, but pretty positive that the hot tub is going to approach unprecedented levels of grime.

Oh, and if you want in on the train wreck, here's the online casting call.

U.S. Ski Team turning to crowdfunding
It's kind of wild to think that the U.S. Ski Team—yeah, the same one that took home 12 Olympic medals from Sochi—is the only national ski association that doesn't receive government funding, but according to USSA Executive Vice President Luke Bodensteiner, that's reality these days. To fight the uphill battle of making national team skiing sustainable for athletes, USSA has expanded a RallyMe crowdfunding campaign, allowing athletes to create individual pages to raise money and cover their personal competition expenses. While USSA will continue to provide coaching and training, the initiative hopes to ease the strain on the hundreds of ski athletes representing the red, white, and blue.

Europe gets snow, crazy Russian goes skiing…through traffic
Speaking of the U.S. Ski Team, the Yanks arrived in Austria to a virtual whiteout ahead of this year's FIS World Cup opener in Solden, and it looks like the rest of the Alps are getting blanketed as well (up to three feet deep according to WePowder. Some Russian powderhound got so excited that he whipped out the snowblades and went out for a tow-rope ski through downtown traffic. While the British media freaked out, I think we can all agree he'd be invited to our party any day of the week.

Soccer knocks out downhill champ for the season
Ok, alright, we all got a little excited about the World Cup this summer, but when soccer starts taking down skiers, we have to draw the white chalk line. Norwegian downhill world champion, Aksel Lund Svindal, will miss the entire ski season after tearing his Achilles tendon playing pickup soccer just a week before the start of the World Cup (ski) season. Terrible timing for the two-time overall globe winner, but at least he can turn his efforts to rekindling with stone cold fox, Julia Mancuso.

Smith Optics moving to Portland
Iconic Sun Valley brand Smith Optics officially pulled up its roots this week, announcing that it will head westward to the Rose City starting early 2015. The move is a big one for the eyewear brand, who leaves Ketchum after nearly a half century. While it's exciting news for a brand on the rise, you can't help but feel it's the end of a legendary era for the Smith crew.

Kelly Slater lands surfing 720
Whether it's inventing the twin tip or figuring out a new way to make your turkey sandwich, we celebrate progression here at POWDER, even if it doesn't necessarily have to do with snow. That's why we're throwing in this clip of Kelly Slater aka King Kelly, landing a friggin' 720 on his surfboard. You kidding me?!