Week In Review: East Coast Making Snow Up In Here

KFC ski Jumping, Wolf Creek in trouble, and Finland skis cool

East Coast has started making snow, SNOW!
Ladies and gentleman start your engines. Temps up in Maine dipped low enough for Sugarloaf and Sunday River to fire up the snow guns and lay down some white over the weekend. It doesn't matter that they were just preliminary tests and we're still a month away from skiing, I'm geeking out over here—I've seriously been wearing my goggles all week. Try explaining that one to a Tinder date (sigh).

Ski jumper eats KFC mid-air
How many G.N.A.R. points is this? I need an official ruling—Gaffney?

Antti Ollila and crew #skicool in double edit
If you missed Neli Pictures Stray Part One, you're a damn fool, but luckily the Euro crew was merciful enough to give you a second chance and a Part Two. Despite losing his poles in the parking lot, teen phenom Antti Ollila brings the ruckus and has enough talented friends to release a pair of solid edits that might make you wonder if you would be a better park skier if you had just grown up in Finland.

Owner of Wolf Creek facing criminal charges
In another twist to the tragic avalanche death of ski patroller Colin Sutton, Wolf Creek owner Davey Pitcher is now facing criminal charges for the incident. Sutton was caught in an avalanche March 4 of this year while conducting fieldwork beyond the resort boundaries. The Forest Service is accusing Pitcher and Wolf Creek of conducting avalanche work outside of its designated boundaries and has tacked on two more charges involving unauthorized use of explosives (stemming from a separate incident). Pitcher faces a $5,000 fine and up to six months in jail for each of the charges.

iF3 carnage alert
Not to overshadow Cody Townsend and Elyse Saugstad becoming the first married couple to take top iF3 honors in the men's and women's categories, here are 10 of the gnarliest bails from ski movies this season—as voted by the judges. Because, you know, no one likes a spoiler and we're all a little addicted to carnage.

Steve Stepp keeps trollin'
I know he's probably making fun of everything I stand for, but I'm laughing all the same? Very confusing emotionally, but another solid Steve Stepp edit in his Season 2 "They See Me Trollin" finale.

Progression alert: Freestyle canyoning
So, cliff diving parkour is a thing. PARKOUR!