Week In Review—Clayton Vila Flies Solo

U.K. skiers stand up! Indians save ski chalet! Winter, where you at?!

Clayton Vila unveils solo urban project
Sendin'er deep, STEPT's breakout star Clayton Vila gave the world a sneak peak of his new solo project this week (the full movie will come out in the fall—fo' FREE!). Let's just say, Christmas came early this year.

Vermont snow gun exchange program saves millions
One Vermont company is reducing emissions and cutting power consumptions at ski areas across the state, and improving snowmaking in the process. Efficiency Vermont is looking to replace dated snowguns with high efficiency snowmaking machines, incentivizing resorts by offering rebates of up to $4,000 per gun. The move is expected to save Vermont's ski industry $2 million a year in energy costs and help make the Green Mountain State just a little bit greener.

United Kingdom skiers stand up!
A dedicated crew of UK urban skiers are sick and tired of watching their sport fade into mainstream oblivion and have decided to do something about it, putting together a unique documentary titled, Ski the Kingdom. From dry slope, to urban, to ski domes, check into the strange sub-culture that is English freeskiing. God save the scene.

Breck ski chalet moving to Indian reservation
A group of Lakota Sioux Indians are stepping up to save an old Breckenridge ski chalet, offering to repurpose it as a community center on their reservation in South Dakota. The Lakota will have to move the classic chalet by the end of the month, but it looks like this piece of ski history will live on to see another day.

In case you missed it: Camp 4 Collective vid takes your breath away
So you're bored at work. Take a trip to the wildest mountain ridge you've ever dreamed of and let your imagination go. It takes the edge off, I swear.

Oil and Water, Armada and ski movies
Mike Hornbeck, Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, Riley Leboe, to name a few—Armada’s cast of skiers get silky smooth in the trailer for the upcoming flick, dropping this fall.

Arizona Snowbowl gets extension on wastewater snowmaking
Arizona's largest ski area reached an agreement with local government to continue using treated wastewater for snowmaking for the next 20 years. The controversial program has ruffled feathers in the state before, but Arizona Snowbowl will now be able to love that dirty water legally until 2034.

Who dumped it better? #ALSIceBucketChallenge edition
California's drought is worsening due to the spike in buckets of ice water being dumped overhead this week, but otherwise, the Ice Bucket Challenge is a pro bono video series gone viral, taking over social media and raising awareness about the horrific ALS disease. While most of these videos are overrated and anti-climatic—what do you expect Mark Zuckerburg to say when he's soaking cold?—here's a few from our kind of people:

Bode Miller, sun-drenched and over it, because what's a bucket of ice for the fastest man alive?

Steve Stepp, taking a new American tradition… too far?

And this friggin’ guy. I have no idea what he's saying. But as far as skiers go, he's doing it right.

If life has you down, just remember.

…so close, I can smell it.