Week In Review: Aspen Gets Physical

Gay Ski Week in trouble! Who skied it better?! Call me Katy Perry!

Wannabe a liftie? That'll be 50 chin-ups first.

Wannabe a liftie? That’ll be 50 chin-ups first. PHOTO: Flickr/NeenahHistory

Aspen requiring fitness tests for employees

Party Mountain U.S.A. announced this week that it will require fitness tests for employees that work in physically demanding positions. According to an AP report, about 1,500 ski instructors, lift operators, and ski patrollers will be required to take the tests starting October 1 and will have up to 50 chances before that date to meet with Aspen-appointed fitness consultants for practice tests. Labelled the "Work Ready" initiative, tests will include pushups, stair steps, and balancing on one foot, and will be conducted by Tony Perkis, who is on temporary hiatus from summer camp training after interdisciplinary issues this past season.

Five years later, man claims wedding ring found under Vail lift

One lucky guy is finally out of the marital doghouse this week after he was reunited with the wedding ring he dropped off Vail's Sourdough Express Lift five years ago. A worker at the resort found his shiny band under the lift. David Brenner reported to have lost his ring while fumbling with his gloves and considered it lost after the summer melt had come and went without any sightings. But, after its recovery over the weekend, Vail tweeted a picture of the ring out to over 1 million people and eventually Brenner was reunited with the only socially acceptable piece of male jewelry. Five years is a long time to sleep on the couch, but I think there are some welcome changes in David's near future.

Greetings to Revision, the newest ski brand to keep your eye on

There's a new boutique ski on the market, and it's already collected a quality posse of rippers to represent the brand. Revision Skis out of Colorado announced its official launch this week, with a star-studded edit featuring team members Sandy Boville (former Powder Video Awards rook), Mike King, Chris McKeever, Tobias Sedlacek, and Ian Hamilton. The 2015 line will include two skis--a powder and park offering--and pre-sales are kind of, ridiculously low. Like $199 low. Check out the sticks there, and peep the edit here.

Vermont Backcountry Alliance formally recognized

In an important step for East Coast backcountry enthusiasts, the newly formed Vermont Backcountry Alliance has been formally recognized as an official piece of Vermont's Catamount Trail Association and set out plans for the adoption of new backcountry zones around the state. Some of the zones proposed include Green Mountain National Forest land, and has some added momentum now with the new partnership between VTBC and CTA. This strong push to organize the state's backcountry skiers could prove invaluable moving forward, for not only land conservation, but backcountry access and safety as well.

Who skied it better? Summer skiing alternatives

So we can't all throw down a couple G's and head to South America for the summer, but don't let that stop you. On this edition of "WSIB," we take a look at two summer ski alternatives that are just good enough to get us through a couple months of the summer blues. In the red corner, standing 5-foot-8 with a tall tee that's about as long, we have Isaac, dry slope extraordinaire. In the blue corner, we have some guy from Finland with a sweet ATV and drone camera setup, that tries his hand sliding on sand. So who ya got?

Dry slope


Gay Ski Week could be cancelled if contracts aren't figured out

Gay Ski Week may be in danger after event organizers and financial backers failed to come to contract and secure dates for the annual event. Host Telluride and the Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association negotiated a contract with the producers of GSW, but have yet to finalize any dates, leading to severe losses in marketing and booking. The event has been taking place for 11 years and is one of the biggest in Telluride every year, bringing in thousands for a week of concerts, parties, apr├Ęs, and, of course, on-mountain shredding. GSW organizers say they have until mid-August to figure out a deal, or they will be forced to cancel the event, ending one of the biggest parties in skiing for 2015.

After a rough summer...

...I remember that skiing is just a few months away, and I'm like a baby listening to Katy Perry. Have a great weekend, and shred on, maggots.