Week In Review: Africa Goes Ski Racing

Argentinian mountain babes! Tanner Hall for the people! Tornado Selfies!

Africa hosts first-ever FIS alpine races

So apparently a few days ago, international ski body FIS made official its plans to host its first ever regulated slalom event on the African continent. Also apparently, I was busy finding funny cat videos on the Internet and neglecting any real news that crossed my screen. Luckily, I'm getting a second stab at this with the release of this crazy video from the South African Alpine Ski Championships at Tiffendell Resort in Southern Drakensburg. The mountain itself is wild and this course will change your perspective on sh*!. Now add an FIS race to its resume, and this is friggin' awesome.

Tanner Hall heads to Ferguson, Missouri, just cause

Well fellow journalists, we can all quit our jobs because Tanner Hall has taken things into his own hands, traveling to Ferguson, Missouri, to report on growing racial tensions from the front lines. As the situation continues to simmer, I'm not entirely sure what THall's game plan is, but it includes @tannerhall420 Instagrams. Can't fault the guy for trying to get involved, but it's certainly one of the weirder moves from one of skiing's weirdest athletes.

Las Lenas hosts mountain fashion show

While Portillo was getting absolutely shmammered with face shots this week…

… its rival across the border was busy bringing high fashion to the high altitude, hosting its annual Moda Look Las Lenas fashion show. Models strutted their stuff down a catwalk at Las Lenas' base area, providing a welcome après alternative for South American vacationers and powder hounds alike.

HG Skis drops hard East Coast teaser

It's been a while since we've heard from the HG Skis crew out of Burlington, Vermont, but I'm liking this brand new flavor in my ear. Just another reason IF3 is going to be the biggest party this fall.

Aussie rushes tornado for a selfie

Yo Darwin, you missed a spot...

Snow? Is that you?

Bridger, Jackson, and Crested Butte getting blessed with the white stuff this week?! I can barely contain myself.

Summer Girls
Ok, maybe I spoke to soon. A kind of sweet Mount Hood tandem jump video somehow led me back to this video from The Bivy, and a reminder that mountain town summers are still kind of sweet, even if we're not shredding just yet. Slo-mo, te amo.