Skiers witness volcanic eruption in Chile
Just another day in Chile, as skiers enjoy an early morning chairlift ride toward an erupting volcano. Wait. What?! Skiers at Nevados de Chillan were greeted by plumes of ash this week as their home mountain erupted around them. There are six more Chilean volcanoes currently under eruption alert according to Chile's 24 Horas, but if this video is any indication, the locals don't seem to be all that worried. Team Tranquilo, indeed.

VIDEO: Living the Bariloche dream
Meanwhile, on the quieter side of the Andes, this guy is skiing his best life in Bariloche, Argentina. Here's a zen run for all of you dreaming of cooler pastimes, and proof that things are pretty good down south.

Miami to get artificial ski slope?
As the natural world around us continues to burn, a few developers think the future of skiing is a shopping mall. After setting an opening date for the first true indoor ski hill in the U.S. in New Jersey, the Triple Five Group (the same minds behind the Mall of America) are planning an encore shopping mall/ski hill in the Ski Capital of Beach Country: Miami, Florida.

Feels like that money could be better spent somewhere else, but then again this is a project that is also proposing submarine rides in an indoor lagoon. Viva la weird shred.

Wait, that’s not white sand. PHOTO: Curbed Miami.

VIDEO: Duncan Adams self-edit
We'll forgive Mr. Adams for taking it back to 2017 because this guy's skiing is just too good to put a time stamp on. From Verbier, to Baker, to B.C., Duncan Adams' self-edit has us all hoping for more this movie season, as he shows off a nice cache of backcountry hits, pillow drops, and the ever-so-Faction-y, high-speed resort booter. Recycling is good for the environment, so thanks for the re-up, Duncan.