VIDEO: Mogul skier in trouble, tucks for a double
The FIS Freestyle World Champs got real spicy, real quick during the dual moguls competition this week. Japan's Daichi Hara pushed the throttle down on his semifinal matchup agains American Brad Wilson, but lost control off the last jump, sending his backflip to the Moon. Realizing he was earning more frequent flyer miles than your rich friend with an Epic Pass, he decided to save himself by tucking for a double. The result is everything you hoped for and more. Video of the week? How about current video of the year.

Trooper bitten after Jay Peak aprés mishap
It may have happened in Vermont, but the headline couldn't be more Jersey. Lo and behold it was Jersey that brought the ruckus north this week when a 22-year-old Jersey man bit a state trooper at Jay Peak Resort. The officer was responding to a report of an unruly, intoxicated man, but clearly didn't know what type of fire he was walking into. In addition to biting, the down the shore deviant kicked another cop on his way to the slammer. Something tells me this dude is going to miss the next powder day. Yikes, guy.

Donnie does Sunday River
And East coast legend meets an East Coast legend. Donnie Peltier does White Heat and makes every single Mainer proud.

Kilian Jornet crushes uphill ski record
In a feat that can only make us feel that much lazier, distance running and uphill skiing freak Kilian Jornet obliterated the 24-hour uphill ski record, completing 77,053 feet of climbing at the Ski Mountaineering World Championships in Molde, Norway. Somebody get this guy a chairlift.