Is Henrik Harlaut human?

According to the trailer for his new two-year project, “The Regiment,” that answer is, ‘no.’ The guys keeps getting better, folks. With STEPT carving up a tight edit and E-Dollo keeping all of his prime footage from the last pair of years under lock and key, anticipation does not even begin to cover what I’m feeling right now.

Did Russia hack the U.S. Ski Team?
The U.S. Department of Justice reported this week that state-sponsored Russian operatives hacked into U.S. Anti-Doping Agency ahead of the 2018 PyeongChang Games with the intention of discrediting U.S. ski and snowboard athletes ahead of the Olympics. The DOJ report said that Russia was hoping to use information gathered to make false claims about U.S. athletes using banned substances. You may remember that Russia was involved in the biggest blood doping scandal in Olympic history before the Games and was nearly banned from the Games entirely, so this is an interesting twist.

My personal reports that Russia has scientists working around the clock to land its first triple cork were unverified as of publication.

VIDEO: The Freaks find the Colorado goods
Wonder where all of the powder in Colorado went last year? Well, apparently it was horded by the small band of hucksters from Aspen known as the Freaks. Holy send-o-meter, Batman! Make a winter drought look that fun? Sign me up.

Skiing could be coming back to Montreal's Mont Royal
Gestev, a Canadian event management company, has announced plans to bring skiing back to the heart of Quebec's largest city according to a report by Global News Canada. Mont Royal hasn't spun (or even had) ski lifts in over 40 years, but Montreal's large central park could not only welcome skiers once again, but host a World Cup event by 2020 according to Gestev. Currently the park allows tubing, cross-country skiing, and ice-skating, but closed its ski area and banned downhill skiing in the 1970s over conservation concerns.

VIDEO: We're skiing pow in the Canadian Rockies
Oh man, I need to keep my hype in check, but durnit this is exciting! After a big storm outside Banff, a skier and sideways monoskier scored some prime early season turns. Yes, everyone got snow from Mammoth to Utah to Montana and beyond, but only the Canadians got it on film. C'mon people, help an Internet ninja out here!


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