French resort opens cable car escape room
Building on the latest nonsensical trend, France's Val Thorens resort has taken escape rooms to new heights, designing an on-the-fly adventure game in one of its operating cable cars. Starting from the resort base, guests get a chance to 'escape' from a series of challenges while the cable car makes its way up the mountain. For anyone that has ever been stuck on a chairlift, this seems like a serious PTSD trigger, but hey, if skiing isn't cutting the mustard, why not add a little bit of claustrophobic stress with a side of dangling at 9,000 feet to the menu? Hard pass.

Weekly Stoke: The East Coast Hype is Real
After all of the snow that has blanketed Tahoe, the Mountain West, and the PNW over the last week, it was the East Coast that stole the show, scoring another Nor'Easter and throwing down the footage to show for it. I haven't seen East Coast stoke like this since the Big 3 brought the NBA Championship back to the Garden. Holy sapsuckers does skiing in New England look fun right now.

Heli ski operation to accept bitcoin
I have to admit, I've been slow on the bitcoin uptake. After all, I've never been good with Monopoly money, and this just seems like something I shouldn't be trusted with. That might have to change thanks to Points North Heli-Adventure Inc., who last week became the first heli skiing operation to accept the cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment, according to the company’s Facebook page. The Cordova, AK-based heli operation currently runs trips for about $6,000 a week, or approximately 0.69 bitcoin. Get mining, and get pitted.

Canadian military tests stealth snowmobiles
In the most Canadian news of the week, the Up North's military has been secretly testing $620,000 stealth snowmobiles in the Arctic, hoping to bolster national defense capabilities in the Far North. While the mission is billed as military progress, we all know Trudeau and the boys are just looking to go out for a silent rip, poaching peaks and taking names. When I grow up, I want to be a Canadian.

Aspenholes steal patrol shack narcotics
A ski patrol shack at Aspen's Buttermilk Ski Area was ransacked last week, with thieves stealing a significant amount of pain-managing narcotics from the shack safe, according to Aspen Sherriff Joe DiSalvo. The abuse of pain narcotics have seriously affected mountain and outdoor communities in recent years, but ripping off patrol shacks feels like a new (and alarming) low all the way around.