Farting in the Big Sky tram car
A fart machine and fart spray make the best video of the week. I'm five years old…and so are you.

Audi Nines baptizes spring park season
Bless the days of soft landings and glacier tans (umm, burns), Audi Nines is the event that reminds us just how far this high-flying sport of ours has come. With one of the most insane park builds ever attempted on snow, the Euro slope-tacular took things deep last week. A couple highlights for your viewing pleasure.

Pond Skim crash may bring felony charges
Sending it across an open pond with an open bar tab is a recipe for epic crashes, but one Colorado man kicked it up a notch last weekend, and now could face felony assault charges as a result. Bloody Mary in hand, the 26-year-old tried to jump the crowd at Copper Mountain's Slopesoakers pond skim, but tumbled into guests instead, breaking a woman's collarbone and injuring several others according to the Summit Daily. Originally reported as a 'reckless driving incident,' the crash delayed but did not postpone further open water carnage.

Alta tram gets nod from Feds
It's still early on, but the prospect of a tram off of Alta's Mt. Baldy cleared a big hurdle this week when the United States Forest Service gave the ski area's controversial masterplan initial approval. The plan calls for a small tram to the top of Mt. Baldy, replacing the Wildcat chair and pissing off nearly every skier with a soul in Little Cottonwood Canyon. In other news, Salt Lake businesses project fewer last-minute sick days, as first tracks officially entered the Little Cottonwood Canyon endangered species list.

Trump surfs better than you
The guy who keeps yelling, "Keep politics out of action sports!" has never hit a lip this hard.