Screenshot of the top of Grandview Express at Sierra at Tahoe.

Screenshot of the top of Grandview Express at Sierra-at-Tahoe on June 15.

Depending where you hail from, this season was either the wettest, or the worst.

Colorado's signature 300 of days of sunshine took a major dip last month. The state was hammered with precipitation—making everybody soggy down low and pushing the state's snowpack above 150 percent at higher elevations. A-Basin got enough of the white stuff (338 inches) to let their season play for 237 days before calling it quits on June 14. Check out the current SNOTEL snowpack map to see the wettest May on record.


Head west, however, and you'll dry out really quick. The California drought is firmly rooted in its fourth consecutive year and the state's Department of Water Resources says the California snowpack is completely gone—zip, zilch, nil, nada—and has been since April. A number of California resorts were forced to close early. Including Sierra-at-Tahoe, which stopped its lifts on March 15. Wet or dry, one thing is clear, this weather is wonky. —Sierra Davis