Is This Ski Resort RFID Beer Card the Future?
Well, how could this possibly go wrong? The guys and gals over at Pour My Beer, a company specializing in automated beer-serving devices, has proposed integrating the system with RFID passes, allowing skiers the chance to pour their own beers at the mid-mountain lodge and automatically charge it to a credit card. We skiers have a lot of redeeming virtue (appreciation of nature, ability to read weather forecasts, debatable good looks) but self-control has never been one of them. Let the games begin.

VIDEO: The Ski Addiction Taking Over New Zealand
Ok, so addiction is not a laughing matter, but a crew of Kiwis has taken a humorous look at the ski obsession that is worth a watch. How do you get your fix?

Reading List: David Wise's Children's Book
Not breaking, but news all the same, Olympic gold medalist and halfpipe phenom David Wise got all sentimental and published a children's book this spring titled, "Very Bear and the Butterfly."

The book is dedicated to his two children and explains the trials and tribulations of his competitive setbacks through the character of a bear (sometimes referred to as a metaphor). And yeah, a lot of us don't read anything but trail maps, so maybe a kid's book is a good way to start after all?

Also, we’re sensing a theme here: earlier this year, 4FRNT’s Matt Sterbenz wrote and published another children’s book, “Will You Believe in Me” about how Wise came to ski in the Olympics.

Scandinavian Hype Patrol
Did every Scando learn to ski rails and go to film school? A consistent hype train coming out of the Arctic Circle, including the latest trailer from Next Generation Media.

Jim Gaffigan Delivers Ski Reality Check
Why do we do this again?