Skier stripped of World Cup win for using oxygen mask
Well, you just can't do that. German skier Stefan Luitz was forced to cough up his first World Cup win this week after being disqualified for using an oxygen mask between runs in the giant slalom at Beaver Creek earlier this month.

The use of supplemental oxygen falls under the guidelines of blood-doping (though technically different) and therefore a no-no for gate bashers. FIS will not seek further punishment, but Germany has already appealed the decision.

Park City closes bowls over land dispute
Park City skiers will have a few less powder stashes this year after a landowner opted to not renew a lease on previously in-bound terrain this week.

Beehive State shralpers won't have access to popular runs in Scott's Bowl and West Scott's Bowl "until further notice," according to the Park Record. No word from Vail camp yet, but the company is likely in the process of buying the crust, mantle, and core underneath the terrain in their continued efforts to take over the world.

VIDEO: Chasing ‘La Luce Infinita’
Late last spring, Freeride World Tour champion Arianna Tricomi tripped up to northern Norway in search of infinite turns. Half travelogue, half shredit, "La Luce Infinita" is sure to get you checking your frequent flyer miles.

Eldora backs out of $20 parking fee
After receiving heavy backlash from its local faithful, Colorado's Eldora Resort has kyboshed a controversial new parking policy requiring a $20 fee on select vehicles. The pay-to-park policy would charge a fee for vehicles with fewer than three occupants on peak visitation days or roughly 50 days during the ski season.

Wait, less cars in the parking lot on holidays? This doesn't actually sound like a bad plan? Do you, Colorado.