VIDEO: Scoring September turns off Middle Teton
Jackson's Owen Leeper is known for putting out a wild edit or two, but this one might take the cake. After a freak snowstorm brought 16 inches of early season powder to parts of the Tetons, Leeper ditched traditional 16-ounce curls in favor of an early season Sufferfest. The result? A nearly five-hour hike to some pretty prime-looking turns up high. Leeper notes a slide he kicked off in the process, and that early season conditions should be taken into consideration, but does lay down a series of tasty looking trenches. To the madman go the spoils…or something like that.

Plane crash starts wildfire near Nevada ski area
It's not a huge surprise to hear that Nevada's rain-starved Mount Rose Ski Tahoe was close to becoming the latest victim of forest fires this week, but rather the manner in which everything went down that provides a bit of shock value. Instead of pointing the blame toward cigarette butts or Sketchy Dan's Firework Extravaganza (stop being an idiot, Dan), the Slide Fire near Mount Rose was ignited by an explosive plane crash that killed two according to KOLO News. As of this report, the fire had burned nearly 70 acres, but was over 95 percent contained—a rare bit of good news in one of North America's most destructive wildfire seasons to date.

Country Club dry land
Well, this is awkward.

VIDEO: Dad ski edit switches perspective
Though my adrenal gland has been working overtime during ski movie season, this teaser out of Europe forced a moment of necessary pause this week. "Daddies on Skis: Home to Home," is a Austrian film that follows a pair of lifelong ski friends on a once-in-a-lifetime ski mission, but tells it from the perspective of the wives and kids waiting for them at home. It's an interesting look at consequence in the high mountains, wrapped in a ski flick, and will definitely warrant a watch before clicking in this season.

Loan snag could end East Coast megaresort
The Balsams megaresort project hit a major roadblock early this month when the state of New Hampshire failed to guarantee a $28 million loan to develop the area, according to the Boston Globe. The loan is the last piece of the $170 million needed to develop the first phase of what is slated to become New England's largest ski resort (with over 2,200 acres of inbounds terrain at full build-out). While developer Les Otten (American Skiing Company ring a bell?) insists that the project will move forward, it's starting to smell a lot like Jumbo, if ya know what we mean.