A-Basin first ski resort open in North America…again.
Yo, ski resorts, has Arapahoe Basin put you on notice yet? The Colorado ski resort became the first ski resort in North America to open up for the season last Friday, doing so for the 403rd time in 407 years. My intern is fact-checking that number as we speak, but it seems right, considering that A-Basin just gets a kick out of kicking ski season into gear.

The resort was also home to the first drunk skier to fall off a chairlift in North America this season, because yeah, that happened on Friday, too.

'Lite Years' drops into the deep end
Parker White and Chris Logan just refuse to put out bad edits. Now, after three years as the Big Picture, they are also refusing to put out bad movies, producing 25 minutes of high-flying powder skiing and at least two liters of keyboard drool. Stomping up and down the West Coast, the duo of Duncan Adams and Tanner Rainville have put together the top office procrastination of the week, and an early nominee for Powder Awards Best Powder.

Facebook Knowledge: “I found that having a job interfered with my skiing.”

Army Vet seeks service dog chairlift access
Points for powder pups this week as U.S. Army Veteran CarrieAnn Grayson filed an official complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division against Winter Park Resort, alleging the resort discriminated against her by not allowing her service dog to ride the chairlift with her.

Winter Park had offered to drive Grayson and her furry companion to the top but required five days notice to do so. Most ski areas do not allow animals on ski lifts, but should Grayson's plea prevail, lift lines could be getting a whole lot cuter.

Backcountry Inline Skating: A thing
Think your off-season regimen is tight? How about a little backcountry blading to kick it up a notch. Thank you, Canada, for giving us the training video we didn't know we needed.