Jackie Chan is a man of many talents—master of martial arts, actor, director, comedian, producer, stuntman, singer—and now, skier?

Earlier this week, über-luxury Italian ski manufacturer Foil Skis announced their newest limited edition signature ski, the Oro Amaranto, specifically designed for Jackie Chan.

The skis feature a topsheet made of rare Purple Heart wood, an exotic material that turns a rich purple when cut and exposed to ultraviolet light. According to Foil, the wood is extremely dense and stiff, making it perfect for the flex of a ski.

PHOTO: Foil Skis

The Oro Amaranto's custom 14 karat gold plated bindings look as if James Bond's Goldfinger got his hands on a pair of Look Pivots, and are dubbed by Foil as the "Swiss watch of bindings." While the rest of their description is mostly just an over-flourished way of saying "we mount them to your boot size and set your DIN," Foil is mostly relying on the bindings biggest selling factor—that they are literally plated in gold.

While the skis were specially designed and precisely tuned to Jackie Chan's physical abilities and skiing preferences, luckily for you and your closest private jet owning friends, Foil will be releasing a limited number of these skis to the public for $42,000. Included with your purchase is a set of gold plated poles (because why not, honestly), an embroidered flask, and a monogrammed leather travel bag, hand-stitched by Italy's premier leather craftsmen and made of the most premium Tuscany leather that will look perfect on any yacht, private helicopter pad, or sitting in a chalet surrounded by leather-bound books and bear skin rugs.

PHOTO: Foil Skis

While yes, for the price of these skis you could purchase a brand-new Mercedes C-Class with $3,000 still left in the bank, you truly can't put a price on the pure envy on the faces of your pals when you slide into the lift line with these bad boys on your feet.

Foil, the exclusive ski partner of Rolls-Royce (yes, really), was founded in 2014 in Northern Italy by award-winning designer, artist, and former member of the Austrian Ski Team, Andreas Pichler. Foil's mission statement is to "create a ski of World Cup performance, in perfect balance with the body, in harmony with nature and one that aesthetically celebrates the timeless beauty of skiing."

The $50,000 Oro-Nero. PHOTO: Foil Skis

In case the Oro Amaranto is not exactly your style, Foil's most premier ski may be the one for you. For a cool $50,000, you can be the proud owner of a pair of Oro-Neros, which, on top of boasting the same gold plated bindings as the Oro Amarantos, feature a top sheet made of 8,000-year-old Bog Oak. Because not every ski company uses wood that has been around since early Egyptian civilizations, Foil believes the Oro-Nero truly represents their belief of "No Limits."