PHOTO: Jay Dash

Do you feel that? Crisp air. Cool breeze. Morning frost. It feels like fall. You know what comes after fall? Winter. Snow. Powder skiing. And all the glorious things that come with it. If you’re anything like us—and if you’re reading this you probably are—then you’re ready to embrace the changing of the seasons.

Which is why we decided to create the First Chair Festival. Sure, we have a little while until the chairlifts actually start spinning. But because we know those days are coming soon, we’re ready to get a bunch of skiers together and celebrate. We invited a bunch of our favorite brands, film companies, athletes, and musicians to get together for a block party on Saturday, September 17 at The Complex in Salt Lake City. We are also inviting you. Tickets are available now.

Nothings beats sitting in a theater with the anticipation of a bunch of mad, starved skiers. All day Saturday we will be premiering new films from Level 1, Good Company, Inspired Media, and 4FRNT (check out those trailers below). Booths will line the venue, including one with the POWDER staff and schwag of our own. And the beer garden will be well-stocked to make everyone happy. The night will culminate with a performance by Boombox and the legendary rapper Too $hort.

No, it’s not as good as actually skiing, but it’s still going to be a damn good time. Let’s party.

Level 1 Productions


Good Company

Vice Versa

Inspired Media Concepts

Ring the Alarm


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