Out-of-context Facebook comment of the week: Nothing says ski party like a baby ski daffy.

TeleSax—The Hero We Didn't Know We Needed
In telemark skiing, after the darkness comes the dawn of something weirder. TeleSax, may you drop knees like you drop sweet beats.

Longwatch: Sammy Carlson, 24
Because reading long stuff is fun, but watching long stuff is a bit moreso. Sammy Carlson, quietly released his newest flick, 24, this week, though let's be real, the guy cannot do anything on skis that doesn't echo throughout the ski world. This 20 minutes of Carlson turning pillow lines into terrain parks is no exception, and worth every iota of your extra time. Procrastination has never skied this well.

Nicky Keefer Drops into 80s Powder Paradise
Japanese powder has never had so many synth lines. Thanks to Nicky Keefer, Mitchell Brower, and crew for bringing a different vibe to the Japan edit and making us all think about taking out that extra "winter" credit card.

Adult Site Seeks Extreme Athlete Team
The popular adult entertainment site Pornhub announced last week that it is looking to increase its presence in the sports world (of course!), starting with the world of extreme sports. Calling for what it calls an "extreme sports team," Pornhub is offering to pay all team expenses, including brand new custom Pornhub uniforms. Wait, so, free skiing and travel for a year in exchange for free outerwear? I've heard of grimier schemes for scoring season passes, but maybe that's just me.