On the first week of this month, skiers traveled to the northern tip of Sweden to remember and celebrate the life of a beloved skier and friend, J.P. Auclair.

The J.P. Memorial, held in Riksgränsen, Sweden, was a contest of sorts, hosted by Armada Skis, with a throwback quarterpipe competition, a touring day, and a backflip mute contest. Prizes were awarded for the best airs, but also in the Send It category, for Best Hair—because JP’s dark locks often inspired laughs—and for Most Fun.

Riksgränsen was the place where Auclair first met Chris O’Connell during the King of the Hill contest in 1998. While shooting Auclair during a solo quarter pipe session, O’Connell says he recognized Auclair’s unique style and realized that he was documenting the future of skiing. The Canadian won that contest, and the two of them hit it off. They went on to spend a good chunk of their adult lives traveling and shooting the world over. “In my 20 years of photographing skiing and snowboarding, I can truly distill the birthplace of modern skiing to those couple of weeks above the Arctic Circle at the one-of-a-kind ski resort called Riksgränsen,” says O’Connell.

Flip through the photos above, taken by O’Connell, Armada’s Josh Bishop, and photographer Daniel Rönnbäck. Captions were provided by the photographers.