In a recent press release, Ortovox has announced a precautionary recall on all of their 3+ avalanche transceivers that are currently running software version 2.1.

The recall is due to a very rarely occurring software error that can cause a disruption in the transmission function on the transceiver, which can potentially prolong the search process for a victim in the event of an avalanche.

While no known accidents have occurred due to the software error, Ortovox will be recalling and updating all 3+ beacons running the 2.1 software as a precautionary measure. 3+ devices running software versions 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, and 2.2, as well as all other Ortovox transceivers (S1, S1+, and ZOOM) are not affected by the recall.

All affected transceivers can be sent back to Ortovox starting May 25, where they will be re-programmed with software version 2.2.

For more information on the recall, and to identify if your beacon is part of the recall, visit