VIDEO: No one Halloweens like this Japanese skiing bear
Complete with kitschy Japanese music, questionable dance moves, and bobbleheaded faceshots, Melon Kuma the Japanese melon bear is the Halloween costume we didn’t know we needed. You go get some, melonhead.

Aspen Man arrested retrieving lost wallet with cocaine inside
Is "Aspen Man" skiing's "Florida Man"? In this week's bizarre Party Mountain news, a 23-year-old Aspen resident was arrested after grocery store employees turned over his lost wallet—and its bag of cocaine—to local police. But the actual arrest didn't occur until later that day, when Aspen Man decided to go to police headquarters to retrieve said wallet. Have to love the hustle here, but the execution could have been better. Losing a wallet sucks, especially when it comes with a felony.

VIDEO: Torin Yater-Wallace just put a flame to 2018
How dare you sleep on the prodigy! Torin Yater-Wallace has had a rough couple of years but you wouldn't know it with the release of his newest edit. Dubbed a "mini-edit," this video is anything but—three minutes and change of style domination. Rico. Suavecito. TYW, dudes and dudettes.

University to study health benefits of time outside
Skiers know the benefit of getting out there, but this week the University of Washington announced an official initiative to research the impact of time in the outdoors on a wide range of health issues, including disease, obesity, and depression. The study will connect academic researchers, mental health practitioners, and pediatricians, among others, developing a unique collection of data that could link our favorite pastimes with good health practices. Dubbed "Nature for Health," the program received an initial pledge of $1 million from Seattle-based REI to kick off its research and is part of UW’s EarthLab program aimed at connecting corporate sponsors with academic missions.