New Billion-Dollar Ski Resort Heading to Park City? Maybe.

Frenchie gets sendy! Face bone goggles?! Avalanche firewood free-for-all!

New ski resort heading to Park City
Just when you thought Park City had maxed out its skiable terrain, the Utah resort town has announced plans to add a fourth ski area as early as the 2021 ski season. Residing just west of U.S. Highway 40 near the Jordanelle Reservoir, the Mayflower Mountain Resort and Village hasn’t announced a set plan for its ski infrastructure but has reportedly purchased 5,000 acres of private land abutting Deer Valley for $1 billion. No word yet on whether the resort will adopt its neighbors ski-only approach, but Mayflower has said it will be placing an emphasis on cheap skiing for the military.

VIDEO: Lenny the Frenchie stomps his line
Has there ever been a being, human or otherwise, as stoked about his or line as Lenny the Frenchie? A true shred innovator, in any season. Good boy.


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New goggles play music with face bones instead of earbuds
Hey Powder People, looks like the future is now and that we’re all one step closer to becoming storm cycle cyborgs. Don’t believe me? Just ask the Bone Tech IceBrkr goggle, a pretty normal-looking ski goggle that is set to replace your earbud setup, by playing music not through speakers, but through the vibration of your skull. Called bone conduction tech, the goggle places audio transducers on the outside of your ear and sends vibrations from your favorite music into your skull rather than your earholes. That means you hear your favorite song in your head while keeping your ears clear enough to hear Tuck-Fast Tim coming at you from behind. Freaky? Oh yeah. Useful? Well, they honestly could be. Far out, man.

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Colorado offering free firewood permit for clearing avalanche debris
After an active avalanche season that left widespread debris throughout the mountains of southwest Colorado, the Bureau of Land Management has offered free firewood permits to anyone interested in utilizing avalanche debris for firewood. The traditional permit costs around $10 a cord with a two-cord minimum, but the free permit will allow folks an unlimited amount of wood from downed trees in specific backcountry areas. The announcement comes on the heels of one of the area’s deepest winters in recent memory, but also one of its most active snowpacks, leading to several avalanches that had backcountry roads blocked well into July.

VIDEO: Time Lapse of Mont Blanc Massif
Here’s a little video to cool you off during the dog days of summer. Mont Blanc just feeling her damn self. Nature, man.

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