Maybe freeskiing isn't a bad idea. PHOTO: GRIFFIN POST

The Freeride World Tour is stopping in Chamonix, so we got the local cynic's take on what he's doing while the big show is in town. Our guy in Cham is Nate Wallace, who moved to France in 1998. Originally from Mammoth, California, the former Powder correspondent guides photo and film crews around the most massive and devastating terrain in the world. He shoots videos that look like this and was integral in introducing Seth Morrison to the area for the 2011 film The Ordinary Skier. He also really likes Swedish women.

As Told to John Clary Davies

Let's see. Yesterday, I took Griffin Post around. We did two runs to the valley in the sun. No tracks. Spines and jumps. It was after the second run that Griffin said he was coming back to Chamonix in April for himself. Typical. Give them a taste and they have to come back.

After the second run of really fun skiing, Griffin suggested that perhaps we should hike up and ride the face of the contest so he could get disqualified and just go skiing. Way more fun. In the end, he decided that he might as well compete, seeing he is ranked fourth. Plus, he's my favorite skier on the tour, I would rather see him win.

Finished the day at après ski, first with a group of five hot Swedish chicks at Elevation, where the beer is extra strong. We had to leave when Griffin started getting the Seth Morrison problem of "getting too much dick," meaning that he was getting cornered at the bar by some sort of freaky male fan with bad breath.

Then went to the very civilized Moo bar, had a pitcher of beer while talking shit about all the problems in the ski industry and contests.

I'm heading up first thing in the morning and will be filming dudes jumping off rocks, and saying how much fun they are having!

At least it will be a rest day from skiing powder every day for two months.