Because a Basket Bud is the Best Bud
There are great ideas, and there are brilliant ideas, and this one falls well short of both. Still, in a world of over-customization, why not switch out your pole baskets for marijuana leafs? Basket Buds is the laugh we all need this week, as is their amazing tutorial vid above. Yes, these guys can come hang, anytime.

Aspenite claims "Icon" in court, puts "Ikon Pass" on blast
A former Aspen instructor has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Aspen and the Alterra resort conglomerate over their use of the word "Ikon"—a word he claims infringes upon his own instructing brand.

Cary Thompson is the owner and creator of Ride in Harmony Athletics, a Colorado ski and snowboard instruction program, and says he holds the rights to "icon" and any other derivative through a 2012 federal trademark. Alterra has since countered with a cease-and-desist of its own. Time to sit back and watch the fireworks, folks. This could be Epic.

Sit Skier Sends into the Weekend
Yes, we’ve witnessed the sit-ski backflip and seen adaptive skiing push into steep, unforgiving terrain, but we've never seen anyone quite like Jay Rawe. That's because this Tahoe loc-dog is not only sending park jumps and landing backflips, but adding style to the game.

In addition to boosting 50-foot kickers, he's also floating alley-oop 180s in the quarterpipe and stomping flat 3s (peep his Instagram). There are only a few videos of this legend so far, but expect to hear the name more in winters to come.

Creation Nation descends on KIMBO SESSIONS
While you were asleep, the sun was still shining way up there in Sweden, giving some of the best freeskiers in the game a chance to throwdown in a heated, week-long affair known as KIMBO SESSIONS. The brainchild of skier Kim Boberg, the event really turned up the burner this year, and we've got the video to prove it.