Marcus Caston is the winner of the first annual Ski Town Hair Down.

After a dramatic week and historically high voter turnout, during what the media is calling "The Most Important Competition in Skiing," Party Beach Ski Camp coach and former ski racer Caston came out victorious over seven other highly touted contestants with more than 40 percent of the vote, according to official results reported just after midnight on Friday.

“It was the best opportunity ever to be an idiot,” says Caston, who filmed his entry with Tim Jones outside an SLC CrossFit gym.

Known for his hair’s great flow, Caston, whose last hair cut came from one of the kids he coaches, was joined on the first annual Ski Town Hair Down podium by Johnny Collinson, in second place, and Cody Townsend, who narrowly edged out contestant Todd Ligare in the final hours of voting.

The logical evolution of the event formerly known as the Ski Town Throwdown, the first annual Ski Town Hair Down brought eight professional skiers—Caston and fellow contestants Collinson, Townsend, Ligare, Nick McNutt, Julian Carr, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, and Colter Hinchliffe—to the international stage where they were given the opportunity to demonstrate how their hair has been imperative to their success as professional athletes.

With the close of the inaugural Ski Town Hair Down, voters have settled the score once and for all (until next year): Who has the best hair in skiing? Marcus Caston, that's who.


Historical Context of the Ski Town Hair Down
Skiers have long been known for their big hair. Dick Dorworth refused to shave or cut his hair as a ski instructor in the early 1970s, yet his superiors were loathe to fire him because he was just too damn pretty on skis. Steve McKinney, at one point the fastest man on the planet, let the locks fly when he launched Squaw's Palisades on his 225cm downhill boards. Shane McConkey sported a glorious mullet, and Seth Morrison's chameleonic ways of changing hair color in the '90s injected skiing with some much-needed punk rock.

And, of course, there's Glen Plake. Not just any skier; not just any mohawk.

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