Hugo Harrisson’s FWT Judges Perspective

And now, a word from the judges

Judges, including Jim Jack and Hugo Harrisson at the 2012 Revelstoke FWT stop. PHOTO: FREERIDE WORLD TOUR

Hugo Harrisson has a pretty good sense of what it takes to win a big mountain comp. He held the Freesking World Tour title from 2000 to 2003. Now, he's judging events for the newly-combined Freeride World Tour.

How do you think the combined tour has changed things?
The level went up a bit. Now, instead of seeing 15 good runs we'll see 30. It might be harder to judge.

What are you looking for in a comp run?
In one line I like to see it all. I want to see creativity and style and, of course, someone who is a good skier.

How do you get to be a judge?
Well, they like people who have won before.

What do you think we'll see here on the Mackenzie face?
It's a good venue. Most of the guys have skied the venue before—most of them did it last year—so they know the lines. I think most of the big lines were last year, but they might step it up a little, we might see something a little more spectacular.

Do you ever worry about the athletes pushing it too much, to do better than last year?
I'm confident about these guys' ability. They've all been doing it for so long that they have judgment and the skills. You see less dumb hucks these days. You saw it a lot more in my day. Now it's more calculated.

Who's your (unbiased judge's) pick to win?
Aurelien Ducroz. He's got the experience and the skills. It's his last year and I know he wants to win it.