Iran accuses Israel of stealing clouds and snow
Well how about that for a neighborhood spat? This week, Iran's Civil Defense Organization stated its suspicion that Israel has taken an active role in climate change, stealing clouds and snow from their country.

Iran is home to a handful of ski areas above 5,000 feet that have suffered from drought in seasons past, which naturally can only mean one thing: Somebody is stealing Iran's snow. My money is on Mammoth and its suspicious Miracle March, but hey, to each their own.

Super late, not breaking news: Happy 4th of July
Sometimes when you're looking for a video to celebrate the 4th of July you find a video of Sundance Mountain Ski Patrollers skiing with a massive American flag while a patriotic Evanessence (right?) song blasting in the background. America, you weird.

VIDEO: Already skiing spicy in New Zealand
Things are heating up in Kiwiland, just ask Louis Charnaud and the crew at Treble Cone. Looks like sharks are still on the prowl, but as heat sweeps most of North America, I know a metric ton of us that would trade these turns for a few core shots.

VIDEO: Left Coast Lot Lizards
Here's a nice look at the less glamourous (and certainly less groomed) side of glacier life at Mount Hood. Meet the Lot Lizards, living life one shower at a time.