The Better Business Bureau has issued an alert for Revision Skis, after seven official complaints were filed against the independent ski company based in Littleton, Colorado. The alert, issued June 28, states consumers have placed orders and paid for skis, but the product was never delivered.

The Better Business Bureau issued an alert for Revision Skis after customers reporting paying for skis they never received. PHOTO: Alric Ljunghager

One complaint states that after asking Revision for an order update, the customer received a $100 coupon for "production delay," however the coupon was useless without a code or instructions on how to use it.

Revision Skis, founded by Bill Wanrooy in 2014, once marketed a sustainably made and inexpensive selection of urban skis used by skiers like Sam Zahner, Mike Cappola, and the entirety of The Bunch crew. Since last summer, frustrated buyers who never received their skis have been attempting to contact the company only to receive radio silence in return.

The Revision Skis website has since been terminated and all social media accounts have been taken down following the BBB alert. Attempts to call the brand at the number provided by BBB results in a Google Voice automated message that says they will try to reach Revision Skis—maybe. BBB has also reached out to Revision Skis for a response and has not received one to date.

Ben Karkowski bought his first pair of Revision skis in 2015. Now, he says he lost $380 after purchasing a second pair in August 2016, which he still has not received. After reaching out to Revision several times via email and over the phone, Karskowski was offered an $100 coupon as an incentive for the delay. Instead, Karskowski requested his money back. He received open-ended responses with no return for over six months until he just gave up trying.

"I've actually almost forgotten about the situation, as I don't like to dwell on something like losing money, but it's hard when it's $380, which is two months of car payments, or my insurance for six months, or skis," Karkowski told POWDER.

According to a thread on Newschoolers, currently 331 pairs of Revision Skis, approximately one-third of their total annual production, are being sold on for a 50 percent discount. A representative at told POWDER that this stock of Revision Skis was part of a third party liquidation.

On July 12, released a statement saying: “While has purchased and possesses Revision Ski inventory, we at no point dealt with or were associated with Revision Skis, in any way. All current inventory was acquired through a 3rd party liquidation service and was unaware of any allegations against Revision Skis at the time of purchase.”

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