Lack of housing is an issue in all ski towns. In Jackson Hole, it’s particularly acute in the summer, and the resort is offering to swap tenants for turns. PHOTO: Bruno Long

How bad is the housing situation in Jackson Hole?

Everything from temporary RV parks and tent-based “man-camps” have been floated to address the summer’s looming housing shortage. Few ideas have gotten any traction. And now, the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is jumping into the fray with another strategy: Tenants for Turns. With Jackson’s housing shortage expected to reach apocalyptic levels, the resort’s idea is to encourage regional homeowners to open up their homes for resort employees in exchange for free days skiing next winter.

The proposal allows homeowners in the Jackson area who provide housing for a JHMR employee or employees this summer to receive a 15-day 2016-17 pass voucher or a 15-day pro-rated discount for a full unlimited season pass.

“This is the first time we have ever tired anything like this,” says Anna Cole, the resort’s communications manager, “so we are learning as we go.”

Last season, the resort charged $1,375 for a 15-day pass, and $1,760 for a full pass. If the price is an arm and a leg, Tenants for Turns might help save an extremity. And you can help put a roof over someone’s head in the process.