Duo makes history with first successful summit ski off Lhotse
The Himalaya's mighty Lhotse was tamed on skis this week, as Americans Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison connected the 7,000-foot "Dream Line" to become the first people to ski down the fourth tallest peak in the world. Early reports say the final ascent took 17 hours, and that skiing was firm but filled in throughout. We're sure more to hear more about the descent soon, as the couple was accompanied by documentary filmmakers Dutch Simpson and Nick Kalisz.

United Airlines exporting Denver traffic to Mammoth
Okay, so United Airlines is opening up a number of new ski-friendly routes ahead of this year's season, but we see what's really going on here. Instead of opening up an extra lane or teleportation line along I-70, the airline is offering to haul Colorado ski traffic across state lines, depositing it in Mammoth's backyard with a new, direct flight offering between Denver and Mammoth Lakes. Good luck getting first tracks this year, SoCal. And real tricky, guys. We see you.

VIDEO: Gold medal pair throw down Down Under
Men's slopestyle's only two Olympic gold medalists, Joss Christensen and Oystein Braten have been busy in Aussie Land this summer. Here's a few choice cuts from Endless Winter, brought to you by smooth rap and soft park snow.

Jackson Hole hotel pressing custom skis for guests
If anyone wants to feel a little poorer this week, look no further than Jackson Hole's Four Seasons Resort. The slopeside hotel announced that it will feature a fleet of custom-pressed powder skis for guests this season, designed and made by local ski company, Sego. The skis will be available exclusively for guests, which definitely one-ups a chocolate truffle on the pillow. Now if I could only offer up a dented Subaru as payment for a night's stay…