Gwyneth Paltrow sued for Deer Valley ski crash
First off, is there a more privileged-sounding headline? Secondly, Gwen! Say it ain't so! This week Gwyneth "Pow Popper" Paltrow learned she is being sued for $3.1 million after a 2016 ski collision at Deer Valley that left one man with four broken ribs, a brain injury, and other serious injuries according to Utah's KUTV.

According to the plaintiff, Dr. Terry Sanderson, Paltrow knocked crashed into him, and then skied away. Paltrow’s camp firmly denies the allegation, adding that the suit is, “completely without merit.” Seems like Paltrow likes to let them run, but it could come with costly consequences this time around.

Gwyneth can’t stop, won’t stop.

54 have people already caught in Colorado avalanches this year
It's been a busy year in the Colorado backcountry, and with big snow comes big consequence, as 54 people have already been caught in slides in-state this season according to the Colorado Avalanche Institution. People, it isn't even February yet. That's a large number by any account (the Colorado season average is 63), and one that promises to grow as the base depth deepens. Be safe out there, friends. Round trips, the lot of you.

VIDEO: Full-baked Baker edit
It's been a minute since we've featured some Mount Baker goodies, but you better believe that those Northwesterners are still out there getting it. You have to love a surfy ski edit with the tracks and the tricks to match. Micah Evangelista continues to boost and yeah, we see you, Sophia Rouches.

Teenagers charged with stealing over $17,000 worth of ski equipment
A pair of Alberta, Canada, youth were charged with theft after police recovered over $17,000 CDN of ski gear stolen from Fernie Alpine Resort. The duo apparently tried to turn a quick profit by posting the items for sale online, but police quickly sniffed out the plan and made the arrest. These brochachos were trying to be a full on business, man. Kids these days.