You might recall last month when we reported on a scandalous story out of Deer Valley involving a seemingly star-crossed skier crossing a legitimate star. Dr. Terry Sanderson, who claims to have suffered four broken ribs and a brain injury after a 2016 collision with Gwyneth Paltrow, sued the actress best known as either a purveyor of questionable wellness and life tips or the only woman who can tame Tony Stark’s wild heart (depends on your media diet, really).

In the suit, the good doctor claimed that he was hit from behind, by an “out of control” Paltrow. Adding insult to injury, Sanderson was then allegedly berated by Paltrow’s private ski instructor before said instructor hustled his prized client away in advance of any first responders before ultimately giving misleading information to authorities to protect her. Sanderson is seeking $3.1 million in damages.

It seemed yet another clear case of the super rich and famous getting one over on the common super rich, skating through life recklessly and free of consequence, like a lost ski without a brake.

But not so fast! Recently, Paltrow countersued, in a suit providing a detailed version of events completely at odds with Sanderson’s. It was Sanderson, Paltrow’s suit claims, who plowed into Paltrow, and not the other way around. It was Sanderson, the suit claims, who was above Paltrow, and therefore Paltrow who had the right of way. It was Sanderson who apologized to her, Paltrow states in her court filing, and appeared entirely uninjured!

To say the plot thickens is an understatement worthy of the actress’s recent, toned-down, red carpet attire. No matter the outcome, the countersuit reveals two things: First, Paltrow knows more about on-hill etiquette than Sanderson. Second, Paltrow, who is seeking a single dollar in damages and promises to donate any further court-dictated award to charity, knows how to play to the cheap seats (which, for the record, go in the mid-seven figures in Deer Valley).

Advantage, Paltrow. And probably yoni egg sales.