Plake is bringing back the Down Home Tour!
That's right folks, everyone favorite mohawk will be hitting the road again in the newly renovated Glen Plake Down Home Tour. Wildly popular for years, the tour visited small ski areas throughout the U.S., skiing iconic trails with locals and generally spreading good shred vibes nationwide. This iteration will do much of the same, but, instead of a set schedule, Plake's motorhome will roll wherever it damn pleases, operating without a set schedule and urging fans to merely "be in the right place, at the right time." That's one campaign tour I can definitely get behind. Plake for Powder President!

VIDEO: Montaña bliss with McKenna Peterson
Three minutes of Zen, brought to you by one of the best shredders out right now.

So, the East Coast is getting walloped…
I mean, 17 inches at Sunday River, 19 at Wildcat, and nearly a foot and a half in a single storm at Stowe—all in a pre-Thanksgiving week? Yeah, that's a heck of a start. Unfortunately, the media vacuum that goes with epic powder days has been in full effect, so you'll just have to trust the guy who tells you, "Heck, it don't get much bettah."

…And Sammy C doesn't care
Why should he? The man skis in a snow globe named Revelstoke and throws pillow parties on the reg. Weren't invited? Neither were we, but at least we have this sweet new edit to dull the pain.

VIDEO: Urban skiing pays Minnesota respect
Each ski discipline has its own ski Mecca, but when it comes to sliding metal and pressing frozen concrete, there's no better place than Minnesota. Urban visionaries Good Company recently released an ode to the Land of a Thousand Wall Rides in their latest flick, "Crossing Paths"—a compilation of freaky good street skiing and some of the state's urban ski history. Skiers aren't always great at the maths, but at least they respect their history.