French skier identified via social media 65 years after death
In one of the weirder social media accomplishments of the year, a French skier has been successfully identified over half a decade after his death thanks to a viral social media post.

Henri La Masne disappeared while in Italy's Aosta region while storm skiing on his birthday in 1954.

His body was found in 2005, but it wasn't until police posted their findings to social media that the news traveled across borders and a successful identification could be made by the late De Masne's niece.

Resort still pushing season pass payment on cancer patient too sick to ski
Well, there's a headline that doesn't look so hot, and frankly the news itself doesn't get much better.

Colorado's Michael Cookson has been one of Vail's Epic Pass holders for years, but after being diagnosed with prostate cancer that matastisized into bone cancer this spring, he realized skiing wouldn't be in the cards and decided to pull out of his 2018-2019 season pass.

Unfortunately, that's not in the Vail rulebook, and the company has refused to issue Cookson a refund.

It's true that Cookson didn't purchase the $25 insurance that would have refunded his entire pass in case of such medical emergency, but it's certainly a bummer that our sport has become such a business that it can't cut some slack to a shred bro in need.

Grand Teton National Park crowdfunding weather stations for avalanche forecasts
With its funding drying up, and the backcountry more popular than ever, Grand Teton National Park Foundation is currently crowdfunding to construct a series of new weather stations throughout GTNP to improve avalanche forecasting in the area.

With only three stations in the entire range, GTNP has had a rough time getting accurate information, often leaving skiers in an informational lurch. For those looking for a good cause to support, here's an effort worth every penny.

Instagram Alert: HealthGang_Official and the Vegetable Ski Cult
In a world of excess, one ski crew is bringing it back to basics—dietary basics that is. Making vegetables the centerpiece of their jib and jive movement, the Bunch's Magnus Graner and crew are stirring the glacier pot this summer with their own unique take on skiing. Move over energy bubble gut, the future of skiing is here. Health is wealth.