Colorado hotel offers Dumb and Dumber ski package
Did Christmas just come early, or did it just come early? This season, Denver's The Curtis Hotel is recreating the Dumb and Dumber ski experience for guests willing to pony up a little extra cash. For a cool $10,000, guests can channel their inner Harry and Lloyd, rocking powder blue and orange tuxedos, a couple of pairs of Icelantic skis (both of 'em), and a private jet to the slopes of a little place called Aspen. Okay, it's a little ridiculous, but a dirtbag ski writer can dream, right?

As of this writing, the three-day moped ride with two pairs of gloves is not included in the experience.

VIDEO: Chuck your carcass—for the girls
Hucking your meat is so last season. It's time to chuck your carcass. Thanks to the badass lady trio, The Blondes, for showing us how it's done. Radar is up for more goodness from north of the border this coming season.

Gondola pileup in Austria
Well this looks like the worst thing ever. High winds at Austria's Hochzillertal ski area created a gondola car pileup over the weekend, tangling 5 cars around a lift tower and creating overall chaos. Luckily there was no one aboard the Wimbach Express at the time of the incident, and no one was injured. Yeah, no thanks.

Avalanche Canada receives $25 million in government funding
Better late than never, but Avalanche Canada, a non-profit dedicated to education and avalanche forecasting in British Columbia and Alberta, received $25 million in government-funded support on November 21, ending years of barely keeping Canada's largest avalanche resource afloat. Avalanche Canada's mission is particularly important to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who lost his brother to an avalanche in 1998.

VIDEO: Tatum Monod’s Long Road to Recovery
To say that Tatum Monod’s recovery has been a long journey might be a bit of an understatement. Thankfully, after nearly two whole ski seasons since Monod blew her knee in Alaska, the Canadian she-ripper is back healthy, with a new edit and a whole lot (for us) to look forward to.

St. Nick Does Tricks
Austrian Santa has tricks. He also has a creepy staff and overall vibe, but we'll stick with the tricks.

Runner-up in Santa news goes to Sunday River for stacking 200 Santas on-hill this week.