China to use genetic screening ahead of 2022 Games
In a move directly out of Rocky IV, Chinese athletes will undergo intensive genetic screening ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games to determine "speed, endurance, and explosive force," according to a Newsweek report. This testing could ultimately be a factor in selecting an Olympic Team, and may outweigh actual performance according to the report. China is not the first nation to make this move (Uzbekistan gave it a go in 2014), but the implications ahead of its 2022 Games make for one pretty weird science fiction movie.

VIDEO: Jackie Paaso and Eva Walkner are living the dream
International badass duo Jackie Paaso and Eva Walkner gave a sneak peek at what they've been working on over the past few seasons with a high-tension teaser for Evolution of Dreams. The all-female film project features some adrenaline charged lines that look built for the silver screen.

This is important: Crowdfunding a snowcat limo
Kickstarter baby Pit Viper just turned five this year, and they are celebrating the best way they know how: By buying a limousine with snowcat treads, of course. To realize their dreams, they’re asking for donations to bring this bad boy home. Interested to see where this one goes.

VIDEO: Karl Fostvedt leads Stray Dogs
Ever wonder where Krazy Karl has been the last little while? Well, teaming up with PNWer Lucas Wachs, Fostvedt let us in on his secret this week, dropping a trailer for his new film project Stray Dogs. Some serious shades of Sammy and Candide here. Karl and Krew have still got it. Good work, boys.

Aggressive goats airlifted out of national park
Things got weird in Washington this week, when dozens of pee-hungry mountain goats were airlifted from Olympic National Park. Yes, you read that correctly. Mountain goats craving the salt left behind by the hikers’ urine have become increasingly violent in recent months, causing the park service to take action. Goats were flown out in dramatic fashion, hanging from helicopters in evacuation slings before being deposited in the Cascades. Go figure.