Nearly one year after Marcus Caston emerged victorious from the first annual Ski Town Hair Down competition, the Champion of Flow has shocked skiers the world over by getting a haircut.

Caston, whose chestnut brown locks can been seen deep in the flow state on the February 2017 cover of POWDER (45.6), cut close to 10 inches of hair from his head, leaving just 4.5 inches behind to carry him through the upcoming winter season. We got on the horn with the Champion of Flow at his home in Salt Lake City to find out what brought him to this cataclysmic decision and how he anticipates the change will affect his skiing going forward.

SIERRA: After all the success your hair brought you last season, I'm sure this was a big decision. Can you walk us through your thought process?

MARCUS: It was an impulsive decision. I woke up and I tried to get a hair tie out of my hair and it was completely stuck. I got so frustrated and I said, 'Fuck it, I have to get it chopped.’

You've mentioned before that your last haircut was done by one of the kids you coach at Party Beach Ski Camp. Did you take the same approach, or go with someone trained to work with skiers, specifically?
I reach outside the ski world to get my hair done. Danielle has been doing my hair since I was 10 years old, maybe younger. I got that lady on speed dial, but when I called her and she didn't answer, I just walked in. She was with this sweet old lady, but when I told her we had an emergency, she put the lady aside and we crushed the haircut in 10 minutes.

That's a big change in a short time. Can you give us an insight into how you were feeling?
It was a little nerve-wracking. It's scary. I feel so vulnerable now without my hair to hide behind.

What's been the response from your mom the fans so far?
I think people are really happy that I cut it. I've only had positive feedback. As long as the ladies like it, I like it. Oh, and the mustache is gone too. I'm like a prepubescent boy now, but the mustache will be back in like two days. That's just how it comes in: no beard, just a mustache. It looks more youthful and charming.

It's clear most of your success as a skier has been influenced by your hair. Are you worried this will change?
No. Not at all. My hair is shorter, but I still have the best hair in skiing. Undisputed. The haircut will definitely affect my skiing, but I'll still ski better than anybody else. When my hair was long, it was just a comfort, like a little bubble. Now I'm out there in the world, more vulnerable, but it's just a challenge I will overcome and it will make me stronger.

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Is there anything you'll miss about letting the lettuce flow?
The best parts are obvious: When you're skiing powder and you get snow in your hair, that's fucking sweet. But constantly having hair in my mouth and in my bubble gum was the worst. I also used to use my hair to floss and I can't do that anymore.

Now that you've made the leap, do you anticipate regular trims, or is this a fresh start to another long road of growth ahead?
I don't know. I've thought about keeping it trimmed but I'm not a huge fan of haircuts. The hair gets in your shirt and it's itchy for a whole day. Plus, they use fancy shampoos that leave your hair weird and I have to shower right after, which I don't like doing often, either.

So you're saying the new look is low maintenance?
The only grooming I do is on the slopes.

For those looking to see the Champion of Flow in his previous state, Warren Miller's ‘Line of Descent’ premieres October 14 in Salt Lake City.