Parts of Italy and Austria saw a dramatic shift in weather this week when temperatures dropped to freezing and more than 15 inches of snow fell at Obertauern, a ski resort in Salzburg, Austria. Northeast Italy experienced strong storms that covered Cortina d’Ampezzo, a ski resort, with 4 inches of snow on August 26.

The snow may be short-lived, however, as temperatures are forecasted to rise as many as 30 degrees by the weekend.

Climate scientists already know that as the planet warms, there’s a bigger chance of extreme weather swings. It’s called the “whiplash effect” caused by an overall warmer planet.

Temperatures this summer were unusually high around the world, with the latest data showing that July was the third hottest on record. The amount of wildfires covering North America and Europe feels apocalyptic. Hurricane Lane dropped 52 inches of rain on Hawaii this week, the second highest rainfall total from a tropical cyclone in the US since 1950, according to the National Weather Service. Big Sky and Jackson Hole also saw snow above 9,000 feet.